Now in its ninth year, the International Telecoms Week (ITW) conference is heading to Chicago. It is the world’s largest meeting of the global wholesale telecommunications community. Last year’s event included more than 6,000 attendees representing over 1,900 companies from 140 countries—this year, turnout is expected to be even greater!

From May 8 to 11, ITW will be held in the windy city’s Hyatt Regency and Swissotel, and will feature a blend of exhibitions, conferences and networking events. You can see the full agenda for ITW 2016 here.

Of course, at the world’s largest telecom conference featuring industry powerhouses discussing big trends and announcing big news, it would be easy to lose sight of the simple fact that bigger isn’t always better.

A smaller ISP can provide superior customer service by having a more direct hand in how a customer’s needs are being met. Whether that’s customizing solutions to meet precise connectivity requirements, providing the necessary bandwidth to support a company’s growing business needs, handling customer support inquiries with a more human element or translating lower overhead into cost savings, your business can’t afford to write off the little guy.

So if you are headed to ITW 2016 looking to bolster the services you can provide your own customers or if your company has connectivity needs, don’t miss the chance to cultivate a relationship with the kind of provider that can help you get there. That’s why you can’t afford to miss Wolfe at ITW 2016. Wolfe may not be the largest name at the event, but when it comes to selecting the right partner for unique connectivity challenges, you’ll find Wolfe provides the innovative Internet and Ethernet solutions that companies are looking for.

Take note: if you’re trying to get into a market where you need a connection, check out Wolfe’s expansive network map. Wolfe offers blazing fast bandwidth—scalable from 10 Mbps up to 100 Gbps across the United States. Wolfe is also working on expanding internationally so stop by to discuss our upcoming plans into new and exciting markets.

To see for yourself how working with a smaller service provider can help provide bigger results, visit Wolfe at Booth 914 at ITW in Chicago from May 9 through 11. To schedule a meeting with the team during this time, contact Wolfe’s Internet Marketing Director, Terry Rendall, at