Why Wolfe?

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We take the "service" part of Internet Service Provider seriously

Why Wolfe?

Made-to-Order in the Metro

How customized, all-optical metro Ethernet solutions can improve business productivity, eliminate network downtime and save money in the process.

By Michael Scott

Joe Winn, the technology manager for Sequoyah Electric, a commercial electrical contracting company based in Redmond, Wash., knew he needed a dedicated fiber solution to provide the higher capacity and more reliable bandwidth that would keep his facilities around the Seattle region connected and properly backed up. But he also assumed that upgrading to an all-optical option would be cost-prohibitive.  Continue reading >>

Metro Ethernet Case Study: Sequoyah Electric

When an electrical contracting company needed a reliable solution for connecting multiple locations, it turned to an all-optical metro Ethernet solution from Wolfe for productivity, reliability and affordability. Continue reading >>

Making Hospitality Services More Hospitable:

360° Hotel Group Saves With Wolfe

When an owner and operator of branded and independent hotels needed a less expensive way to serve up broadband connectivity to a new hotel location (and great customer service to back up the solution), the business turned to an all-optical metro Ethernet solution from Wolfe. Continue reading >>


“Outstanding service, before and after the sale  High speed internet the way it should be, high speed! Deon and his team are a pleasure to work with and are always there to answer my questions, anytime day or night. The only thing better than the quality of service is the support we receive from Wolfe”

– Kevin Eld / VP of Facilities Management / 360 Hotel Group

“Our service with Wolfe has been nothing short of amazing. We were initially a bit skeptical because they aren’t (yet) one big dogs out there, but the proof for us has certainly been “in the pudding”. We’ve had our circuit lit up for about a year now and I’m happy to say we have logged a grand total of zero trouble tickets since our circuit was commissioned (okay, truthfully, one ticket… But we quickly found out it was an issue on our end, not Wolfe’s). For us, Wolfe has simply been rock solid. Bandwidth has been consistent and our company’s access to the internet is no longer something I need to worry about – It just works, without issue, all day / every day. I should also mention that the value for what we pay is also hard to beat (believe me, I’ve asked around, and had other providers tell me they just can’t touch their pricing). From what I can tell this may be because, unlike providers, Wolfe only does fiber. This allows them to pass along savings that other companies simply can’t – either because they have to subsidize their legacy copper networks by charging big bucks for higher bandwidth service or perhaps they simply want to make outrageous profits for shareholders. Whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is that with Wolfe you get a solid connection at a competitive price – What more could you ask for? The sales process was quick and painless, tech support during commissioning was knowledgeable and accommodating (even switching out hardware at no charge when we had a concern about redundant power supplies), and with their peering with the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), our traceroutes have never looked better. I’ve been impressed enough with Wolfe over the last year that I’m not only happy to provide this reference for their website but would also be happy to discuss my experience with any prospective customers directly (Wolfe can get you my contact info). If Wolfe continues to keep up this high level of service and value, I don’t see our company having to go through the pain of changing providers anytime soon. I’m looking forward to the next circuit we can turn up with Wolfe, because no matter how hairy a project may get, when we sign that circuit order with Wolfe I know at least they will be one part of the project I won’t have to worry about.”

– Joey DiJulio / Service Delivery Manager / Casne Engineering