If you’re a developer getting ready to break ground on a new residential neighborhood or condominium, you know that you need to furnish your dwellings with the most modern and innovative amenities possible.

Today, the amenities garnering the most attention are connected devices that turn ordinary homes into smart homes.

Household connected devices are improving the quality of many facets of everyday life. Consider, for instance, simple conveniences like automating light switches, or financially rewarding and energy-saving technologies like smart thermostats. New sensor technology is even being implemented to provide medical support for the elderly to help them live more independent lifestyles.

In a way, building a smart home is much like constructing any edifice: You’ve got to start with the foundation. In this case, that foundation happens to be high-speed Internet.

Internet connectivity provides a secure, private connection that can only be accessed by the homeowner. This way, the data compiled by their devices—whether security footage or energy consumption readings—remains inaccessible to outside parties.

High-speed Internet also provides the robust connectivity that supports the transmission and aggregation of smart device data—particularly from those devices that communicate with each other. Without adequate bandwidth the reliability of these devices can be undermined.

Leveraging a robust Internet connection will provide residents with remote access to the devices in their homes from the convenience of their phones, tablets or desktops, enabling luxuries like turning the heat up during the commute home or double-checking that the front door is locked after heading on vacation.

If you’re looking to enhance profitability and gain a competitive edge, invest in high-speed Internet connectivity. That way, you’ll be setting the stage to support homeowners’ future smart home device implementation—from security systems to kitchen appliances.

Looking beyond the IoT, don’t forget that the families moving into your homes are going to need high-speed Internet to take advantage of many day-to-day activities. Many families are using multiple devices for gaming, going online, streaming video and downloading movies or music. It’s important to be sure you’ll be able to provide families with the bandwidth they need even if they aren’t looking to utilize smart household offerings.

So if you’re looking to make your homes a little smarter, isn’t it also smart to find a service provider that can customize Internet connectivity solutions to your needs, provide superior customer service and help you cut costs all at the same time? To learn more, check out Wolfe here.