Running a business with two locations can have you seeing double: twice the personnel, twice the supplies and twice the bills. More than that, and you might have the urge to put your optometrist in your speed dial. But if you’re duplicating your efforts when it comes to networking, you’ve got blinders on.

Business leaders tasked with managing multiple locations have a number of explanations as to why they have separate networks for each location. Some operate under the assumption that it is less costly than procuring unified network solutions. Others simply cite convenience. Still others argue that they don’t have the IT acumen to manage a more complex network.

If any of these explanations sound familiar, it’s time to dispel your beliefs about multi-location networking.

In actuality, creating a multi-location network can be cost-effective, easy to set up and just as easy to manage as a single-location network. The right Internet and Ethernet service provider can handcraft solutions tailored to meet the needs of all your different locations without losing sight of the company as a whole.

If you need a secure, dedicated connection for two locations, take advantage of an Ethernet Transport Service. With point-to-point connectivity, ETS solutions can support bandwidth-intensive applications like video streaming, data movement, backup and remote storage. An Ethernet Transport Service solution is also scalable, ensuring that as your organization’s needs change you’ll be able to increase your speed and still pay only for the bandwidth you need. You’ll be able to manage your own network and utilize a secure MLPS to ensure your network’s security.

If you’ve got more than two locations, a Metro Ethernet point-to-multipoint connection will provide your organization with the connectivity solutions you need to get the job done. By building on your existing network, a Metro Ethernet solution will also help curb the costs associated with purchasing additional hardware to scale up. And with the same scalability features as an ETS solution, all your locations, despite their varying bandwidth needs, will have the speed they require without incurring excessive costs.

With Metro Ethernet, you’ll also be able to expand your LAN throughout the metropolitan area where your offices are located, increasing communications capabilities and maintaining a secure connection between sites.

Taking advantage of a Metro Ethernet or Ethernet Transport Service solution, you’ll actually be supplementing your bottom line thanks to increased productivity and decreased connectivity costs.

So if you’re a business leader seeing double when it comes to your multi-location networking efforts, maybe it’s time you explore your options for a solution that will help you see clearly. Whether you’re looking to connect to one site or multiple sites, there are clear budgetary and operational benefits that your organization can enjoy. You can gain productivity and cut costs when you create a single network with the right solutions—now that’s a sight for sore eyes.