Residential Connect

Fast, reliable Internet for apartments and condos.

WolfeNET Connect

With a speed of 100mbps, WolfeNet Connect is perfect for downloading movies, browsing the web, and sending and receiving emails and audio/video chat.

  • Do business from home: Work doesn’t necessarily come to a halt just because you aren’t at your office. Whether you telecommute every day or just occasionally, you can keep things moving with WolfeNet Connect.
  • Play bandwidth-intensive games online: Whether you use a gaming system or an online rental/download service, you can stream your games without annoying pauses in the action.
  • Watch movies and television shows on your computer: Love the streaming video services available online? Now you can watch your favorite videos without endless buffering and pauses.
  • Video chat or call via the Internet: When you use an audio or video chat application, your fast connection will keep your communication open without downtime.

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