A 2015 fourth-quarter report exploring the demand for Ethernet ports has recently been released by Infonetics Research, indicating that 2016 is likely to be a watershed year for 100-gigabit connectivity.

The report revealed that 100Gb port revenue totaled $45 billion in 2015, more than double the previous year’s total. Even more promising was the worldwide CAGR forecast, which shows revenue is anticipated to grow at 137 percent through 2019.

Andrew Schmitt, research director for carrier transport networking at IHS, was quoted in the report, saying, “2016 is poised to be a breakout year for 100G technologies as coherent 100G ports ramp in metro networks, and companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon introduce 100G Ethernet switching technology into their massive hyperscale data centers.”

The deployment of 100Gb ports reflects that enterprises and service providers alike are aligning their capacities with the demand placed on their networks by the continued growth of data consumption.

On an enterprise level, data usage is being driven by media companies, financial services and e-commerce companies that conduct most of their business online. In residential settings, people are using streaming video services like Netflix and sharing video through social media sites like Facebook at a growing rate.

Evidenced by the forecast CAGR for 100Gb ports, experts believe that bandwidth will continue to be a hot commodity as need continues to grow. If your business wants to stay ahead of the curve, it should look to an Internet/Ethernet provider that can provide up to 100Gb connectivity and tailor it specifically to your needs.