When an electrical contracting company needed a reliable solution for connecting multiple locations, it turned to an all-optical metro Ethernet solution from Wolfe for productivity, reliability and affordability.

The problem:

Sequoyah Electric, a commercial electrical contracting company based in Redmond, Wash., needed a dedicated fiber solution to provide the higher capacity and more reliable bandwidth that would keep its facilities around the Seattle region connected, and also provide sufficient backup of critical data.

The challenges:

Most of the available solutions were cost-prohibitive—and slow. Sequoyah was using a 10 Mbps pipe to transport and back up as much as 5 TB of data, mostly consisting of big Autocad files and other data from all of the contracting company’s various job sites. But backups typically took 16 hours. Fiber would provide the speed and reliability necessary, but optical solutions from Sequoyah’s current service provider were cost-prohibitive.

The solution:

A customized, all-optical point-to-multipoint metro Ethernet solution from Wolfe, delivered over dedicated fiber. The point-to-multipoint architecture ensured that Sequoyah’s multiple locations could quickly, seamlessly and securely transport and back up the data that was the lifeblood of Sequoyah Electric’s projects.

The backstory:

How can Wolfe offer more speed and more reliability for less money? Customization. One-size-fits-all just no longer fits. Rather than an off-the-shelf offering, Wolfe conducted one-on-one meetings with Sequoyah and did research into its unique needs. The end result was the creation of a custom-designed and custom-provisioned network solution that was tailor-made for the particular requirements of Sequoyah.

The benefits:

Improved business productivity, faster backup, no network downtime and significant cost savings.The approach reduced Sequoyah’s backup time from 16 hours to 3, and reduced the company’s monthly costs for network services from $6000 to $2500.

The results:

“We needed a service provider with the skills and experience to help us map out a unique solution and set up the optimum routing and configuration we required,” said Joe Winn, technology manager for Sequoyah Electric. “Wolfe designed and delivered a unique solution to order, and it wasn’t cost-prohibitive—in fact, the customized, more reliable, and more scalable solution they provided was far more affordable than the alternative.”

About Wolfe’s approach:

Every form of service for businesses—from simple Internet connectivity to complex and extensive MPLS configurations—should get the same personalized and customized treatment as the solution Wolfe created for Sequoyah. Business customers should have the opportunity explain their unique situations in depth to their service provider, and have the chance to ask the tough questions that will help ensure that their providers not only know what they’re doing, but also that they have the right network resources in the right places to supply the most economical and capable solutions—for the price quoted.

How do such customized solutions get designed, built and delivered? By leveraging a state-of-the-art optical infrastructure that’s reliable, flexible and dynamic enough to continually adapt to the changing needs of a broad range of customers. By being established in carrier points of presence to allow access to expansive fiber connections at competitive rates. By listening to the customer. And by not price-gouging customers, but rather delivering a higher-quality service at a fair price.