Looking to offer more robust connectivity in the coming year? For example, if you’re a partner agency striving to satisfy demand for high bandwidth/Ethernet solutions (driven by technologies like cloud computing and mobility) or a cloud services provider whose customers need the bandwidth to support the services you offer, partnering with a strategic high speed Internet solutions provider could be ideal. Joining forces with such a partner can also help bolster your professional credibility, as you can confidently point your customers in the direction of a reputable provider to ensure their services run smoothly.

Before you watch the ball drop and pop the champagne, think about how such a partner can provide you with the resources needed to better align your business with success. You’ll give your customers more of what they want in the year to come (and in return, you’ll get more of what you want—a healthy profit). A partner program offers the following four competitive capabilities:

1.     Offer more customizable solutions to clients to better cater to their specific needs and requirements, whether it’s data delivery, secure data transmission or cost savings.

2.     Better support your clients’ high-bandwidth network applications with the network connectivity they need. A partner like Wolfe, for example, offers speeds from 10 MB/s to 100 Gb/s so your customers can choose the amount of bandwidth they need, when they need it most.

3.     Distinguish and differentiate your company as a brand that doesn’t just sell or implement solutions but helps strategize from beginning to end. You want to be the solution provider that is fully capable of—and trusted with—pairing the best solution with an even better price point that helps meet all of your customers’ varying needs. Keep your clients’ budgets in line and garner more sales—it’s a win-win.

4.     Be the end-all for your clients’ network connectivity needs. In partnering with a custom high-speed Internet solutions provider, you can proudly offer your clients everything from soup to nuts. Whether they need a strong Ethernet connection to meet the demand of bandwidth-intensive applications between two sites, metro E connectivity, virtual private line services for remote access to mission-critical applications, or IP VPN services to securely connect multiple locations, you’ll have it all and more!

Ready to kick things up a notch in 2015? Click here to learn more about the benefits of Wolfe Internet’s Strategic and Technology Partnership Program. We take pride in our thriving community of partners and would love to keep the conversation going with you!