The Home of the Future Is Built on Lightning-Fast Internet

If you’re a developer getting ready to break ground on a new residential neighborhood or condominium, you know that you need to furnish your dwellings with the most modern and innovative amenities possible.

Today, the amenities garnering the most attention are connected devices that turn ordinary homes into smart homes.

Household connected devices are improving the quality of many facets of everyday life. Consider, for instance, simple conveniences like automating light switches, or financially rewarding and energy-saving technologies like smart thermostats. New sensor technology is even being implemented to provide medical support for the elderly to help them live more independent lifestyles.

In a way, building a smart home is much like constructing any edifice: You’ve got to start with the foundation. In this case, that foundation happens to be high-speed Internet. (more…)

Five Times You Wish You Had Better Internet Connectivity at Home

We’ve all been there before. It’s Sunday night, you’ve got a project that you’ve put off until the last minute, and your Internet is down. Or maybe it’s a Saturday afternoon and you’ve finally got time to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix, only to find yourself subjected to the nightmare that is rebuffering.

For many apartment and condo residents, the choice of high speed Internet providers may not even be yours to make. Here are five ways that residential connections can be disruptive: (more…)

What Does Your 2015 Vision Look Like?

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time to start executing new business strategies to achieve bigger and better goals. But before you get swept up in another year of non-stop planning, take a moment to reflect on last year. What did business look like in 2014? Were you satisfied with your organizational outcomes, your level of customer excellence and how much revenue you generated?


Commercial Property Owners Face Greatest Risk Without Offering High Speed Internet

We’ve recently discussed the growing need for high speed Internet within multifamily housing units (e.g., condos and apartments) but residential service is only one half of the puzzle—there are also commercial property needs to consider. While multifamily property developers and managers face a number of connectivity obstacles, commercial property owners are usually at greater risk. Here’s just a couple reasons why: