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Virtual Private Line Service

Securely expand your local area network to multiple locations with VPLS

To remain competitive, you need to have access to time-sensitive data throughout your business. Your team must be able to effectively collaborate – seamlessly sharing files and applications no matter their size. Don’t let multiple business locations slow you down. Use your size to your advantage by expanding the reach of your local area network (LAN). With Virtual Private Line Services (VPLS), you can integrate multiple locations into one data-sharing team. Also, since we will evaluate your organization’s specific needs – instead of giving you a standard package – you can save 30-50% over other commercial Ethernet providers.

Saving money while increasing business connectivity

Turn your local area network into a wide area network (WAN) with our any-to-any connectivity Ethernet. Our Virtual Private Line Service is a Layer 2 Ethernet that allows you to:

  • Easily control and prioritize network traffic: With five separate classes of WAN CoS (wide area network class of service), VPLS lets you efficiently connect your business’ multiple data centers, storage area networks, contact centers or media centers without experiencing data loss.
  • View connectivity statistics: Utilizing your secure Web portal, you have access to time-critical information from all locations and can view connectivity statistics for the previous day, seven and thirty day periods.
  • Send data faster than ever before: Link locations with high speed bandwidth ranging from 10 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s.
  • Secure your data: With Virtual Private Line Service, you can bypass the public Internet and transmit your data securely, utilizing a unique customer ID for maximum security. Our VPLS is especially beneficial for remote backup. If a disaster happens, your private line allows you to move data quickly and cost efficiently and get your business back up and running
  • Save money: A single network helps you reduce the cost of maintaining separate computer networks for each location. Also, Wolfe’s Virtual Private Line Service is supported by a dedicated team that monitors your service 24/7, so there’s no need for you to hire additional IT professionals to maintain the network.
  • Efficiently upgrade your bandwidth and network configuration as needed: With VPLS from Wolfe, your bandwidth speed and traffic are customized to your business’ specific needs. You can securely share large files and bandwidth-intensive applications and support video streaming between locations. And, thanks to the system’s scalability, you can increase your network’s capabilities as your business grows.

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Continuous VPLS support from our dedicated team

We will keep you informed and offer customer support whenever you need it. If there is a problem, we will react quickly and efficiently to minimize any downtime. Take the first step to affordable security. Don’t delay on expanding your network and reducing your overhead.