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Customized high-speed internet and Ethernet solutions.


Securely and instantly access your network from anywhere with IP Ethernet

Your workforce no longer sits in one building. Global markets and technology can spread your workers across various offices and from remote locations, like homes, coffee shops or hotels. You need every member of your team to have fast, secure access to your network and all of its functions. With the any-to-any connectivity of Wolfe Business Connect IP Ethernet, your team gets “in-office,” mission-critical accessibility, wherever they are!

Save 30-50% with Wolfe’s customizable and scalable IP Ethernet

With Wolfe’s IP Ethernet, you can easily prioritize applications and consolidate your voice and data onto a single network. Also, you can choose from scalable transport services ranging from 10 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s and from five separate classes of WAN CoS (wide area network class of service) to fit your existing – and future – needs. Because you only pay for the components you need – and not what your service provider wants to sell you – you can save 30-50% over the competition’s packages.

Cost-saving and security benefits of our Layer 3 IP Ethernet with any-to-any connectivity

Similar to our Layer 2 VPLS services – but with the added IP component – IP Ethernet is a Layer 3 service with any-to-any connectivity that allows you to create a secure and cost-effective network. With Wolfe’s IP Ethernet, you can:

  • Control your IT costs: By leveraging existing applications, frame relay, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) technologies and other legacy infrastructure and applications, you can lower your IT costs.
  • Secure your network and data: With a safe and secure Cisco-based network, you will have protected communications between all sites – even when your team is connecting through a wireless card or hotel Wi-Fi.
  • Allow team members remote access: By securely connecting to your IP Ethernet, your employees can remotely access the same in-house business-critical applications and data, including company email, your customer relationship management (CRM) system and video.
  • Cost-effectively expand your network: Our IP Ethernet is flexible and scalable, which means it grows with your company. When your business needs grow, you can use your existing infrastructure to expand your network – saving you money on new equipment and applications.
  • Have peace of mind: Your IP Ethernet will be managed and monitored around the clock and you can reach us 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Get a customized Ethernet solution and save as much as 50%

Traditional business network providers want to sell you a package that fits their needs. At Wolfe, we give you a break from “traditional” and give you what you need! Discover how an IP Ethernet tailored to your company’s specific needs can cut unneeded costs and save you 30-50% over traditional carriers. During a free IP Ethernet consultation, we will review your unique connection and security needs and design a network solution that’s right for you.