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Customized high-speed internet and Ethernet solutions.

Ethernet Transport Service

Secure, affordable point-to-point Ethernet services at the speed you need

When your business has two locations, old connectivity services can hinder the transfer of data between sites, causing not only headaches, but also additional costs. Our Ethernet Transport Service provides you with dedicated connectivity between locations and allows you to securely share large amounts of data quickly. This point-to-point Ethernet is completely scalable – with speeds from 10 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s – and secure, utilizing Multi Protocol Label Switching (MLPS) on a Cisco-powered network.

Protecting your data and your bottom line

Server crashes, data loss and hackers are a reality in today’s business world. You are tasked with securing and protecting your company’s data while keeping costs low. By creating a point-to-point Ethernet service tailored to your business’ unique specification, we can save you 30-50% over the competition while protecting your data. The dedicated connectivity of our Ethernet Transport Service can securely support file sharing and data movement, data backup and remote storage, and high-quality video conferencing between locations.

You are in control with our Ethernet Transport Service

Rapid advances in business applications and technology, coupled with your drive to grow your business, require the ability to seamlessly upgrade your data network. Ethernet Transport Service provides scalability, security and control of your point-to-point network. This includes:

  • Network configuration control: Your business’ network needs are unique. Don’t let another company tell you how to set up your network. Your IT team can control application routing, management and prioritization, as well as simplified data encryption and content policing.
  • Scalability: With speeds from 10 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s, you choose the bandwidth that will create the maximum efficiency for your needs. If your requirements change, your Ethernet Transport Service can change with you.
  • Network security: Utilizing your own private network allows you to bypass the security threats of a public network. Protect your network from viruses and prying eyes.
  • Blazingly fast network accessibility: Distance between locations shouldn’t slow down your business. With our Ethernet Transport Service, you can share data and utilize VOIP and video conferencing as quickly as if you were next door.

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24/7 support for your Ethernet Transport Service

Your secured dedicated connection is the backbone of your company’s daily workings. Problems with that connection can adversely affect your bottom line. That’s why we offer 24/7 customer Ethernet support.

Discover the best Ethernet solution for your organization

With a range of bandwidth speeds, five CoS, and the ability to optimize your data network, the Wolfe team can create an Ethernet Transport Service solution that meets not only your data and performance requirements, but also your budgetary needs. Protect your data and bottom line.