Move over George Clooney, there’s a new star in Tinseltown. But you won’t hear much about it in the tabloids nor will you see the up-and-comer giving an acceptance speech at the Oscars or Emmys. The entertainment industry’s new star is operating behind the scenes: in studios and video streaming websites like Hulu and Netflix. The name of Hollywood’s new star? Bandwidth.

The rise of video streaming is one of the primary factors driving the need for more bandwidth for both workers in the entertainment industry as well as viewers. According to eMarketer, the average adult in the United States watched almost 300 times more digital content in 2015 than he or she did four years earlier. Among sites that strictly feature videos, such as YouTube and Netflix, as well as social media sites like Facebook, large amounts of bandwidth are required to support consistent delivery to users.

But it isn’t just end users watching shows at home that need more bandwidth support. Within the entertainment industry, employees need the support to piece video together.

For starters, many of today’s hit shows are filmed on-location, far from the studio. As footage is shot, it needs to be sent back to the editing team quickly and efficiently. To make matters more challenging, multiple teams may need to work on a given piece of footage, meaning that data files have to be distributed across a variety of channels.

If editing was as simple as cutting shots, the need for increased bandwidth might not be so apparent. But film and television shows have been taking advantage of increasingly complex technology to make fantasy look like reality. Using CGI, digital design, 3D or blue screens, the files being shared by a production team continue to grow larger.
In order to send these massive files from a set location back to a studio and disperse them among various editors, a high-powered network with ample bandwidth is a prerequisite.

The next time you’re binge watching “Orange is the New Black” or “Game of Thrones,” remember that you owe your viewing pleasure largely to the availability of the entertainment industry’s new star, bandwidth.

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