Whether you’re breaking ground on a new development, looking to fill vacancies in an existing commercial property or you have a tenant whose contract is up with their current provider, selecting the right ISP for your building can make all the difference. These days connectivity isn’t seen as a luxury by your tenants—it is seen as a basic requirement. So when you’re selecting an ISP, doesn’t it make sense to choose a one that will make your tenants feel right at home and meets their business requirements? Here are the biggest benefits you need to make sure an ISP can provide before you select their services for your property:

Exceptional Customer Support: The provider you select to provide Internet or Ethernet service to your building will be a direct reflection on you as a developer or property manager. By partnering with an ISP that puts customer care at the forefront, you will be sending a message to tenants that you have their best interests in mind. What makes for exceptional customer support? Putting customer needs first and foremost thanks to unrivaled responsiveness is a good place to start. This leads to efficient support with a personal touch. If your ISP can promise to do this 24/7, all year long, you’re on the right track.

Cost Savings: Make sure you’re working with an ISP that will customize a solution specifically to your tenants needs. That way, they are only paying for what they need and don’t get stuck footing a bill that is larger than it needs to be. It is also important to make sure when you’re researching ISPs that you determine there are no hidden costs, fees or installation charges. Some providers will try to trick customers into paying more. Don’t settle for less—just spend less!

Simple installation: While your connectivity solutions are important, as a developer or property manager you probably don’t have a lot of time to spend on the matter. That’s why it is vital to pair with an ISP that is knowledgeable and easy to work with. Finding the right solutions for your property can be achieved with as little as one site survey.

More bandwidth: Last, but certainly not least, is bandwidth. Many companies today find they need more bandwidth to support the applications, file sharing and cloud services that are becoming essential to run their businesses. Regardless of all other factors, if your tenants are stuck having to buffer videos they will feel like an afterthought. Keep them satisfied with screaming-fast high-speed Internet and you’ll never hear a complaint. Select an ISP that can promise speeds up to 100 Gbs and you’ll know that you’ve selected a quality partner.

While finding Internet or Ethernet solutions provider that can give you all of these benefits may not be easy, it certainly isn’t impossible.