Fast, reliable internet service has increasingly become a major pain point for many condo and apartment dwellers. As a result, it is becoming a top of mind issue for property developers and building managers as they field the increasing number of resident demands for bigger bandwidth.  Thanks to a number of Internet-connected devices like computers, tablets, smartphones and game consoles, the need for more bandwidth is growing.  As a result, multifamily property developers and managers must be able to effectively provide more bandwidth to these households to support the rising number of devices.

So, just how many devices are being plugged in? Data from the Leichtman Research Group shows that, by next year, the average American family will have seven to 10 Internet-connected devices in their home. Many residents are also streaming online video via these connected devices, which quickly eats up bandwidth. For example, the study reveals that the amount of adults that use Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature—which enables users to watch Netflix over the Internet using the Netflix app or devices such as Roku set-tops—has more than quadrupled since 2010.

In an effort to learn more about this pressing challenge, the team at Wolfe Internet will be attending the 2014 National Multifamily Housing Council OpTech Conference & Exposition taking place Nov. 17-19 in Orlando, Florida. The event is open to all and garners the attention of thousands of C-level executives and VPs. We’re looking forward to attending informational breakout sessions, technology round-table discussions of everything from property management interfaces to business intelligence tools to BYOD, as well as learning how to craft a successful multifamily product/service strategy.

Multifamily property owners and managers need a better way to cater to this growing need for stronger Internet access across multiple devices, as it represents a top amenity for prospective tenants. Will you be attending this year’s event? If so, connect with us—we’d love to see you there!