When a digital radiography company that designs advanced imaging technologies for dentists needed a faster and more reliable IP solution, the company turned to Wolfe for connectivity up to 100 times faster, yet for the same price they were paying for services from their traditional carrier.

The Problem

XDR Radiology (www.XDRRadiology.com), a Los Angeles-based company that designs advanced digital radiography software and hardware for dental practitioners, has a mission-critical need for reliable and ultra-fast Internet services. Instead of traditional x-ray photographic film, XDR’s sensors almost instantaneously develop high-quality digital X-ray images, providing the subtleties and clarity that dentists look for. XDR Radiology’s primary goal is providing top notch clinical support to help dentists and staff transition from film to the new digital technology.

“Our company completely runs off the Internet,” says Ben Hackney, technical support manager at XDR Radiology. “We rely on VoIP and IP trunking for our technical support contact center for our customers throughout North America, as well as internationally.” However, the quality issues the company was experiencing with the local ISP was hindering, not helping, the high quality support XDR provides to customers.

The Challenges

As a dentist-run company that appreciates the challenges dentists face, XDR Radiology goes beyond traditional methods of support to ensure clinicians who use the XDR system are satisfied with their equipment and prepared to take full advantage of it. “We take a broad view of the word ‘support,’” says Hackney.

Over the phone and via remote control of customers’ computers, XDR offers dental practices unlimited software upgrades, training, troubleshooting, re-installation, and even radiographic consultation – all for approximately the cost of a bitewing exam.

However, the previous service provider’s IP over copper solution could only deliver 10 Mbps at a cost that simply couldn’t justify the slow speed. “It wasn’t a very good solution,” says Hackney. “There were issues with some of the copper pairs in the building that resulted in intermittent quality issues. With our heavy IP traffic, we wanted a more reliable alternative. Of course, we thought about bringing in our own fiber, but that was pretty cost prohibitive.”

Another company recommended they contact Wolfe for Internet services.

The Wolfe Solution

Wolfe provided a customized, all-optical 1 gigabit Internet solution, delivered over dedicated fiber. As part of the solution, Wolfe subsidized the installation costs for bringing fiber to the building where XDR is located. “We can actually get the benefits of fiber, and everything that you would get if you did it yourself, for a fraction of the price. It was a bargain,” states Hackney. “We decided to give it a shot.”

Benefits and Results

Wolfe provides XDR Radiology the technology and cost savings they need. File transfers happen quickly since bandwidth is no longer a limiting factor. “Many times we have to transfer large libraries of images, often downloading 1 gigabyte files, but now our bandwidth no longer is a limiting factor,” states Hackney. A file that previously required five hours to download now takes only 20 minutes.

Employee productivity has increased as well. “It’s made everybody’s life a lot easier. Simple things like waiting for our email to download to downloading files for testing and installation packages from various vendors– now it’s just so much faster,” says Hackney. “We can pull down files just as fast as we can get them.”

Telecommuting employees benefit from increased speeds as well. XDR upgraded some of the VPN connections to the network infrastructure to accommodate the increased bandwidth capabilities. Speed increased dramatically, according to Hackney. “Before, when our telecommuters uploaded their work to the network, sometimes they would watch the progress bar for 45 minutes. Now, everything is done within seven to 10 minutes.”

About Wolfe’s Approach

A one-size-fits-all approach is not a good fit for businesses such as XDR Radiology that depend on the Internet for business-critical operations, from running a complex customer contact center to everyday email and VoIP.

How does Wolfe differ? Customization. Wolfe conducted one-on-one meetings with XDR Radiology and did extensive research into the unique bandwidth needs of a company that provides digital radiography technology that’s designed by dentists, for dentists. The end result was the creation of a custom-designed and custom-provisioned network solution for the particular requirements of XDR Radiology.


“The Internet is the most important thing to our business. We couldn’t justify what we were spending for the lower speeds and quality issues we were having with our previous vendor. With Wolfe, we’re spending pretty much the same, but the value we’re getting for our money has increased tenfold.”

—Ben Hackney, technical support manager, XDR Radiology, Los Angeles, CA