Use Market-leading Connectivity Solutions, Get Rewarded!

As a telecommunications consultant), consider the competitive advantages of offering your mid-sized and enterprise-level clients advanced fiber Ethernet solutions. For starters, you’ll position yourself for increased profitability by tapping into a market that is overflowing with client demand.The global fiber optics market, for instance, is set to peak at $3 billion by 2019, with the U.S. currently representingthe largest fiber optics market in the world.

Additionally, as more companies implement high-bandwidth network applications like video conferencing and real-time data backup, their need for a high bandwidth network solution becomes critical.

For example, by stocking your services portfolio with market-leading 100G Ethernet (which is emerging as the next must-have technology for supporting media-rich, bandwidth-intensive Internet services) you’ll ensure you can meet your customers’ diverse connectivity needs, helping you increase customer acquisition and retention. In fact, Infonetics expects 100G port revenue to grow at a CAGR of 137 percentbetween 2014 and 2018. (more…)

Don’t Let Your Enterprise Network Strategy Get Buried by Year-End Planning

Organizations are busier than ever working to fulfill Q4 objectives, meet end of year deadlines and prepare for the start of a new year. To this end, now perhaps may be the best time of year for IT decision makers to begin preparing for 2016 by considering how they can improve their networking strategies. By considering ways to more strategically allocate their organization’s hard-earned dollars towards improving network connectivity, these decision makers can help support a number of priority objectives in the new year, such as enhanced productivity and increased profitability.


A strong enterprise network strategy is key for any organization looking to thrive in the coming year. Below are a few considerations for organizations looking to improve their connectivity strategies and, thus, propel themselves into success: (more…)