A Wolfe Success Story: XDR Radiology

When a digital radiography company that designs advanced imaging technologies for dentists needed a faster and more reliable IP solution, the company turned to Wolfe for connectivity up to 100 times faster, yet for the same price they were paying for services from their traditional carrier.

The Problem

XDR Radiology (www.XDRRadiology.com), a Los Angeles-based company that designs advanced digital radiography software and hardware for dental practitioners, has a mission-critical need for reliable and ultra-fast Internet services. Instead of traditional x-ray photographic film, XDR’s sensors almost instantaneously develop high-quality digital X-ray images, providing the subtleties and clarity that dentists look for. XDR Radiology’s primary goal is providing top notch clinical support to help dentists and staff transition from film to the new digital technology.

“Our company completely runs off the Internet,” says Ben Hackney, technical support manager at XDR Radiology. “We rely on VoIP and IP trunking for our technical support contact center for our customers throughout North America, as well as internationally.” However, the quality issues the company was experiencing with the local ISP was hindering, not helping, the high quality support XDR provides to customers. (more…)