Five Times You Wish You Had Better Internet Connectivity at Home

We’ve all been there before. It’s Sunday night, you’ve got a project that you’ve put off until the last minute, and your Internet is down. Or maybe it’s a Saturday afternoon and you’ve finally got time to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix, only to find yourself subjected to the nightmare that is rebuffering.

For many apartment and condo residents, the choice of high speed Internet providers may not even be yours to make. Here are five ways that residential connections can be disruptive: (more…)

Shamrock, Wolfe Save Millions of Dollars for University

The Client:

A private, for-profit university whose graduates go on to write and direct movies and music videos, oversee editing and cinematography for films, mix sound for movies and more.

The Challenge:

The school faced four separate dilemmas.

First, administrators needed to accommodate students’ insatiable demand for 3D and 4K (four times the pixels of 1080p) technologies. The problem was, the only such media lab resided in the main building and had reached capacity. Constructing another facility would run millions of dollars, not just in brick-and-mortar expenses, but also in servers, render nodes, high-capacity storage, switches, computers and additional program licenses.