Seattle Residents Desperately Seeking High-Speed Internet

The Seattle Department of IT recently released the findings from an in-depth survey they conducted regarding residential technology usage and adoption in Seattle.  The survey, conducted every four years, included the responses of over 2,600 Seattle residents via phone, online and through focus groups.   It covered a variety of topics including mobile, cable, social media and internet and provided valuable insight into how Seattle residents access and use technology.

Of the information that surfaced from the survey, a few results are of particular interest.  The first is that internet usage is increasing with 89% of those surveyed reporting they use the internet and 85% reporting they use the internet at home – that is a 28% increase in the last decade.   While respondents said they primarily use internet at home, they also are using internet in other locations like at work and at cafes and restaurants.  How many times have you entered your local coffee house and seen someone updating his/her Facebook status or working remotely while sipping a latte?