Fiber: It’s does a network (and a body) good.


We have heard all of the hype about the health benefits of getting more fiber in your diet.  It helps things pass through your system easier (you get my drift…). It helps prevent certain diseases.  It keeps your weight under control.  All really good things, right?  But there is another kind of fiber that has gotten a lot of hype lately and also offers many benefits …. fiber optics. This kind of fiber doesn’t do much for your body but is GREAT for your network.  Here’s how:

First things first though, what are fiber optics?

Fiber optics is the technology of transferring data through thin, flexible glass (or plastic) tubes through modulated light waves in the form of pulses.   Fiber optic cabling is becoming the fastest, smartest, and most flexible way to transmit and receive large amounts of data.


What are the advantages of fiber over traditional metal lines like copper?

High Bandwidth – Fiber optic cables have much higher bandwidth than metal cables, which means they can carry more data.  With technologies like cloud services, unified communications, VoIP, and other applications, companies need more bandwidth for these to function properly and optimally. Bigger bandwidth is essential to maintain connectivity, avoid delays or downtime, and ensure things run smoothly.  Read more about the demand for higher bandwidth HERE.

Fast – There is nothing more frustrating than things slowing us down.  With fiber optic cabling, data is transmitted much faster than traditional cabling because of the increased capacity, which allows for faster reception and delivery of data. 

Safety –Fiber optics uses light waves so there is no electrical current passing through the tubes. Therefore there is no heat, which means there is no risk for a fire hazard.  Fiber offers the safest option for data transmission.

Lightweight – Fiber optics use cables that are smaller in diameter and thinner, similar in comparison to a human hair. This helps prevent data blockages.  They are easier to work with and transport which also lowers the expense.

More Secure/More Efficient – Fiber optics are one of the most secure methods of information transmission.  Since this type of cabling transmits light, not electrons, it is able to carry signals long distances and avoid electrical interference from noisy surroundings or cross talk between lines.  It also difficult to tap into fiber cable as there is no electromagnetic interference whereas traditional cabling can leak information and is more susceptible making it less effective. Fiber optic systems are more efficient as there is far less loss of data and it is more effective in data transmission.  They do not degrade as quickly as copper wiring and there is virtually no signal loss.  Additionally, fiber is not affected by weather or environmental conditions like copper wiring. 

Better for the Environment – Going green is an even hotter topic than going healthy these days. So do your part and choose fiber. It takes less energy to send light through fiber optic cables. Less power means a lower carbon footprint and as an added bonus that means lower costs! 

Overall, fiber optics is a more effective solution for data transmission than traditional methods.  Like the fiber you find in the health food aisles of your local grocery store, fiber optics offer many advantages- thin and lightweight, helps prevent annoying blockages (data blockages, that is), efficient, fast, safe, and best of all – it helps your bottom line (no pun intended). It’s no wonder it’s becoming a very attractive option. If you would like to find out more, contact us.


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