Upcoming Events

Wolfe will be attending two great events over the next week.  Deon Hines, Sales Manager, will be in Spokane for Tech Junction (www.f2fevents.com) Wednesday, October 31st.  Mike Scott, General Manger, and Terry Rendall, Marketing Director, will be heading to the Big Apple for Light Reading’s Ethernet Expo (www.ethernetexpo.com), November 6-8.  We are really looking forward to making connections at these events, sharing information about our unbeatable services, and would also love to talk about our referral partner program (https://wolfe.net/partner).  Be on the lookout for us – we will be wearing our Wolfe polo shirts so you can’t miss us.  Hope to see you at these events!  

Telecommuting is on the rise – Is your network ready?

According to TeleworkResearchNetwork.com, over 3,148,000 employees regularly telecommuted in 2011 in the United States. That is up 73% from 2005, which shows tremendous growth in this workforce trend.  They also estimate that 20-30 million Americans work from home at least one day a week.  It is estimated that based on current trends, with no growth acceleration, regular telecommuters will total 4.9 million by 2016, a 69% increase from the current level. Many employees say they value working from home over many of the other perks companies offer and with the increase in traffic and gas prices, more and more companies are offering this benefit to their employees. The availability and affordability of technology has contributed to the “any time, any place” workplace trend.  With this change in the workforce, companies have to prepare their networks and ensure they have the connectivity they need to accommodate this situation.

 One of the biggest challenges of a telework situation is the lack of communication or connection to coworkers or team members.  With the use of conferencing tools like Skype or GotoMeeting among others, remote collaboration has become easier than ever. With video conferencing, it is like you are right there in the conference room! Another challenge for teleworkers is that data accessibility may be hindered.  Mobile workers need to be able to access the company network, CRM, and other mission-critical applications from their home office, hotel room or the neighborhood Starbucks.  Both of these challenges can be addressed with a reliable, secure network and connectivity that will allow employees to connect from anywhere.  A solution such as Wolfe’s IP VPN, a Layer 3 Virtual Private Network (VPN), provides the any-to-any connectivity that will allow the remote access that is needed for telecommuters to stay productive.  To learn more about Wolfe’s IP VPN solution, click here or download the product sheet.

As a remote worker myself, I rely on Wolfe’s IP VPN to give me instant access to my office.  I am able to pull up leads in our Salesforce account, access and share files on our network, and email and collaborate with my team members throughout the day with no issues or delays. It is so easy and reliable that I am able to work remotely from wherever I am whether at home or traveling across the country for work just as if I were sitting in our Seattle headquarters.   

If your company is looking for a cost-effective network solution to help support and connect your mobile employees, contact us for a consultation or for more information.