Wolfe Attends Channel Partners Conference in Orlando, FL.

The Wolfe team had the opportunity to attend the Channel Partners Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida located at the lovely Peabody Orlando hotel last week.  Mike Scott, General Manager, Deon Hines, Internet Sales Manager, and Terry Rendall, Internet Marketing Director traveled across the country from Seattle to sunny Florida.  Well….I should say, not so sunny Florida – the weather was rainy and very windy (hmmmmm were we sure we left Seattle?)  But the weather didn’t matter because we had two jam packed days of conference sessions and an expo to attend.  Our mission – to build relationships with agents, resellers, VARs, and others who would like to create a partnership with Wolfe. Sporting our Wolfe logoed black polos, off we went to mix, mingle and talk business. 

The first day, we attended a few of the conference sessions.  The sessions were centered around the industry’s hottest topics including Cloud, Big Data, BYOD, Iaas, Saas, WAN Optimization and more. The nice thing about the conference was that there was something for everyone whether you are in sales, marketing or on the business-side.  Everyone left with a new piece of knowledge.

 But the real draw was the expo. It is the place to see and be seen.  The expo is the opportunity to walk the aisles and not only learn about what the exhibitors do but share your business with them as well.  It is the place to network and set the groundwork for future business partnerships.  And that is just what we did – and we even picked up a nifty sumo guy stress ball while we were at it!  We left there having bumped into people we knew from the past (I can’t tell you how many times our sales manager got stopped by someone he knew!) and having met new people that we look forward to talking with in the weeks following the conference.  Plus, we learned of some really cool things going on out there in the telecom industry! 

We are really excited to have even greater participation in the spring Channel Partners Conference in Las Vegas February 27-March 1, 2013.  We will keep you posted on where you can find our booth as we get closer to the event.  In the meantime, if you are interested in partnering with Wolfe, please contact us.  With the services we offer and our aggressive referral agreement and payments, we have an attractive offering for those we partner with.  

Frustration over the “Big Guys” a recurring theme this Labor Day weekend

There are certain things one expects over a Labor Day weekend  – The sun will shine for the end of summer celebration.  BBQs everywhere will be grilling up burgers, hotdogs, ribs and the occasional veggie burger. Kids will be groaning that the end of summer vacation is here and parents will be smiling from ear to ear that the kids will be returning to school.  The one thing that was not expected over the holiday weekend is how many times dissatisfaction over internet service from the big internet service providers came up in conversation while friends, neighbors and Grandma Theresa dined on delicious BBQ munchies.  It even appeared on Facebook postings!  Whether it was grumblings over the cost of service, to reliability and speed, to the struggle over bandwidth between parents who want to catch up on their programs on Hulu and their kids who want to play online games and immerse themselves in YouTube videos, one thing was abundantly clear – they couldn’t wait to get rid of their current provider and they wanted to make a change NOW!   

The good news is that there are alternatives and they can save you money, keep your connectivity running smoothly and quickly, and provide enough bandwidth to satisfy your internet needs.  Wolfe provides Residential Connect, a super fast residential internet service to residents of multi-dwelling units such as apartment complexes or condos.  Our WolfeNET Connect offers speeds of 100 Mb/s, and for those who need a lot of bandwidth we have our WolfeNET Extreme at 1 Gb/s.  What does this mean?  It means that you can surf the internet, watch your movies and tv shows, play online games, or work from home seamlessly with no limitations and no glitches.  Just high performance internet with enough bandwidth to keep the whole family connected. 

So what are your next steps?      

Check with your property manager to see if Wolfe Residential Connect is available in your building.

o   If Wolfe Residential Connect is available in your building contact our sales team to set up your connection.  You can reach us at 1-800-WOLFENET (1-800-965-3363) or visit our website.

o   If Wolfe Residential Connect is not currently available in your building, contact your property manager and let them know you want Wolfe Residential Connect. 

o   Provide your property manager with the Wolfe contact info so they can connect with us to set up service.  Or provide us with your property manager’s name and contact number and we will give them a call. 

o   After we have approval from your property manager, we can go into the building and set up our service.

o   Once service is set up, you determine what Wolfe Residential Connect Service is right for you.  We will get you connected and your service up and running within 24 hours.

With Wolfe Residential Connect you will enjoy fast, reliable connectivity and ample bandwidth at a cost that won’t have you shaking your head.   Wolfe is committed to our customers so we are here for you 24/7 to provide first class customer support should you have any questions or need help with your service.  You won’t get lost in the shuffle like you can with other providers. 

Wolfe is here to prove bigger isn’t always better.   See for yourself the difference.

If you have Wolfe Residential Connect and would like to share your experience with Wolfe, we would love to hear from you.  Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Linked In